Homepage Redesign

The challenge:

Memorial Sloan Kettering, a premier U.S. cancer center,  needed a user-friendly, responsive website for their leading fundraising programme Cycle for Survival.

My role:

I redesigned the site’s homepage with an emphasis on narrative visuality while migrating to the Drupal platform.  

The solution:

I proposed a more visual, colourful, and clean homepage that would remind visitors of the thumping music, vibrant energy, shaking pom poms, and passionate participants that make up the Cycle for Survival experience.

My team and I accomplished this by brightening the images, curating emotional, colourful photos, refining the hero to one image from a carousel, and expanding the real estate of the hero block. To improve the user experience, we also worked with editors to simplify the copy and clean up the navigation bar and footer. These design updates to the homepage were later carried out through the entire website.  

The impact:

What was most exciting was the design team’s impact. The year we redesigned Cycle for Survival’s website, the programme experienced over a $5 million increase in donations, all funding groundbreaking clinical trials and research studies on rare cancers. 

With our team’s success redesigning Cycle for Survival’s homepage, we were soon asked to manage the overhauling of the Fred’s Team site. Fred’s Team is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's running programme, in which every runner raises money for lifesaving cancer research. We were able to adapt learnings from our previous website redesign project and provide an improved user experience for our donors and fundraisers.