The challenge:

When I joined Johnson & Johnson’s Global Content Lab, I did an initial analysis of the imagery on our corporate site and social media channels. Based on my findings, I knew we could do a better job of relating the diversity of our employees and customers.

My role:

As Visual Strategy Manager, I took this opportunity to create a standard for imagery on our platforms that focuses on inclusivity. 

A collection of illustrated landing page hero illustrations that I art directed for

The solution:

It is essential for a Fortune 500 company like Johnson & Johnson, with their enormous reach and impact in the world, to tell stories and show imagery that reflect the global community they serve. Our company Credo begins with the statement, “We believe our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors and nurses, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services.”

As a Japanese child growing up in the United States, I remember just how influential and exciting it was to see people who looked like me being celebrated in pop culture. Now, working at the largest healthcare company in the world, I understand just how important a responsibility it is to show a truly diverse healthcare professional landscape as we pave the way to a healthier future.

This page hosts a selection of my art direction across mediums for various externally facing stories intended to portray diversity.

Importantly, I often chose to highlight black and brown people in leadership positions, from finance managers to scientists in labs, as well as relaxing in their homes, reading about financial wellness or meditating. 
I had the opportunity to design an animated GIF celebrating Pride Month at Johnson & Johnson. The asset promoted a story about the ways the company proudly supports LGBTQ+ employees, written by Executive Vice President and ally Ashley McEvoy.

In this illustration, I wanted to convey warmth and represent a broad diversity of human experiences, as our brand guidelines advise. It was a top performing advert on Facebook, performing 107% above the paid click-through rate benchmark and achieving a 50% positive sentiment score. This high performance rate demonstrates what I know intutitvely to be true: that when we are all visible, we all do better.

When projects were more suited for photography, whenever possible, I tried to showcase different races and ages with photography that is authentic, emotional, and compelling. 

I carried out the same principles through the entire story, including insets and quiz answers: