The Road to a Vaccine

The challenge: 

In April 2020, the Global Content Lab at Johnson & Johnson launched their first ever live weekly show and needed promotional assets to go live globally as soon as possible. 

My role:

As Visual Strategy Manager, I spearheaded the branding for the marketing assets and led the design operations, collaborating with members of J&J Design’s Brand Experience team.
Original branding for Season 1

Production Worksheet

The solution:

I created two main branded graphics for the launch of The Road to a Vaccine, taking inspiration from the animation of the show’s opening sequence: a spinning globe and slowly rotating viruses. I made sure to include important information so viewers could expect who would be on the show, what it was about, and when they could tune in. I prominently featured the host Lisa Ling so viewers would immediately recognise her and be encouraged to learn more.

While our designs appeared on publications such as the New York Times, Scientific American, and Forbes, I also coordinated with Johnson & Johnson’s product and communications teams in Japan and China to create visuals for their respective landing pages.

To organise all of our incoming requests, I built and maintained a production worksheet for the design team, led daily standup meetings, communicated updates to cross-functional teams, and made sure the work was done well and on time.
The impact:

The first season, which included 8 original episodes, led to 90 million video views and 407,000 social engagements. Adweek celebrated our success in their article: Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 Live Web Series Has Found a Global Audience.

Click here to learn more about the series, or take a look at the episode below.