The challenge:

Johnson & Johnson wanted to announce that they are exploring innovations to fight the flu. How might we share this exciting news in the form of an editorial story? 

My role:

I led the art direction to help tell this story and promote the announcement on and Johnson & Johnson’s corporate social channels.

The solution:

Starting by writing a creative brief, I worked with illustrator Alex Tait and Jelly London to produce editorial illustrations to help elevate the company’s initiative to create a single vaccine to combat all types of flu.

In the hero art, I wanted to feature the challenging, important work that Johnson & Johnson scientists are doing to prevent and treat the flu. This was the idea behind the scientist pushing away a "wall" of viruses. You can read the full story here.

We also commissioned illustrated insets to accompany each section of the story: an oral flu vaccine in the form of a pill, a compound to help cut the amount of virus present in patients, and a "universal" flu vaccine that could work for every type of flu.